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Blended Coffees

  • Redline Espresso Redline Espresso Producer: Metropolis Coffee Roast: Medium Flavor: Chocolate, Fruit, Spice, Honey Body: Rich, Well Constructed, Neat Acidity: Focused & Centered Origin: Ingredients: Redline Espresso is a truly distinctive and rewarding blend. Its richness runs down the center like a racing stripe, leaving a trail of cocoa, honey, lavender, and a mild merlot-like fruit in the finish. The flavors translate perfectly in milk and are even amplified in sweetness making for a marvelous latte or cappuccino.
  • Schweik's Blend Schweik's Blend Producer: Metropolis Coffee Roast: Light Flavor: Mandarin Orange, Caramel, Shortbread Body: Buttery Acidity: Sparkling and Floral Origin: Ingredients: Delicacy and elegance are what makes this cognac-like blend so unique. The jasmine and orange notes give way to buttery shortbread and a mild caramel ties it all together. This is a light and refreshing spring and summer brew that's nuances, though subtle, can astonish.
  • Spice Island Spice Island Producer: Metropolis Coffee Roast: Dark Flavor: Spice, Cocoa and Herbal like Sage, Walnut Body: Dense and Balanced Acidity: Herbal Origin: Ingredients: Spice Island is a blend of Indonesian and South American coffee that we put together to highlight the mild spiciness and sweet-dry walnut and pecan notes of its components. Spice Island is full bodied, but its dry finish is clean and sweet.
  • La Cordillera Blend La Cordillera Blend Producer: Metropolis Coffee Roast: Medium Flavor: Pecan and walnut accented by stone fruit, with a toffee finish Body: Soft yet full Acidity: Focused Origin: Ingredients: La Cordillera is a mountain range running through South and Central America, and some of the world's best washed coffees grow along its steep walls. La Cordillera has flavors of toffee and pecan, with a stone fruit's acidity. This is a terrific breakfast blend and sweetens even more in milk.
  • Prospero Summer Blend Prospero Summer Blend Producer: Metropolis Coffee Roast: Medium Flavor: Peach, pomegranate, plum, pecan Body: Medium Acidity: Crisp, Dry Origin: Ingredients: Perfectly pairing peach and pomegranate, Prospero propels a poignant personality. Punctuating a percussive pedigree, it painstakingly presses a peculiar, pale plum, perched on the palette. Proceeding to plateau with a poised, pecan payoff. Prepare yourself and proceed, Prospero has the propensity to please any Prig, Princox, Patch, or Pedant.
  • Lake City Blend Lake City Blend Producer: Metropolis Coffee Roast: Medium Flavor: Pecan, chocolate Body: Malty Acidity: Mellow Origin: Ingredients:

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